What is the MATCH List | Terminated Merchant File ( TMF) ?

The ” MATCH List ” is a database, also known as the Terminated Merchant File or “TMF” This database is utilized by MasterCard and Visa processing banks, otherwise known as “Acquiring Banks” to identify merchants or principals (individuals)who have already been terminated. Once a merchant business or principal owner(s) or managers of a merchant business are placed on this list, it is highly unlikely that any future merchant account applications will be approved by a US processor or Aquiring Bank. The “TMF”, or MATCH list, is a BLACKLIST from which it is almost impossible to be removed from.

How is the MATCH file used to check when You apply for a Merchant Account ?

When you apply for a new merchant account, all Visa / Master Card merchant acquiring banks must query the MATCH List Database (TMF) to determine whether your company, or any of its principals or managers have been terminated for reason. If your new merchant banks acquirer receives a response indicating a “possible match” against a merchant or individual listed on the file, the acquirer must double check and make sure that the listed merchant or individual(s) are truly the same as the one for which the inquiry was generated. If so, the acquirer must contact the listing bank to determine why the business or individual was added to the file.

If a previous merchant acquirer listed your business or your name(s), that does not mean you are entirely prohibited from obtaining merchant account processing in the future. The new acquirer (Bank | Processor)must base its approval decision on complete investigation and to use the MATCH file as an informational tool in the decision making process. Some acquirers will issue an approval conditioned upon having the listing removed by the prior processor while others will review the circumstances surrounding the listing and make an informed decision. In most cases the merchant will not be able to obtain approval for a new merchant processing account due to circumstances surrounding the reasons for the original termination, this however can be overcome with the assistance of a Bank Card Consultant that specializes in assisting merchants with negotiating a release from a provious processor based upon new information, or in many cases the Consulting Service Provider already has specific Aquiring Banks that they have a working relationship with. In such circumstances the Underwriter can issue a pre-approval based upon certain terms and conditions for the merchant to be able to resume processing once they agree to or have met these terms.

How can I get my company name or personal name removed from the MATCH List | TMF ( Terminated Merchant File ) – I was added to the list by mistake ?

If you believe your business or the name(s) of the principal or managers have been erroneously added to the MATCH List | TMF, you must work with the acquirer that is responsible for adding the listing to the MATCH List. Only that acquirer | processor is authorized to request a change or deletion of the information on the MATCH List. If your consultant / or an Attorney is unfamiliar with the credit card industry or Visa and MasterCard associations, you may want to consider consulting with a Bank Card Consulting firm specializing in this specific issue.

If the original listing acquirer recognizes that the listing was added to the MATCH List in error, that acquirer must request that the file correction be made immediately upon recognition of the error.

To request a change or deletion, the listing bank (aquirer) submits its request to MasterCard International. The designated individual at MasterCard will review the merchant’s explanation and listing bank’s justification for change or removal from the listing. MasterCard International reserves the right to deny the request. The listing bank must sincerely explain its reason for the deletion.

What if I can not get the aquiring bank to remove my business or personal name from the MATCH List ?

If an acquiring bank has terminated your merchant processing account agreement and now refuses to remove you from the MATCH List, it does not mean that you can no longer obtain a merchant processing account in the future. There are many terminated merchants that have successfully obtained credit card processing or alternative payment processing solutions despite being blacklisted. Enlisting the correct Bank Card Consulting Service that has a complete knowledge of the Card Payment Industry and how MATCH (TMF) works can mean the difference between success or failure in obtaining a new merchant account.

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